People leadership is a transversal skill needed for all teams, regardless of their size or work activity.

In the Health field there is documented evidence related to the lack of strategic vision and the ability to connect with the team. These scarcities have an impact on health and economics.

The pharmaceutical field also requires unified teams to launch medicines, both in its exciting initial stage and in its more mature stage.

There are numerous definitions about the purpose of a leader, but all of them agree that their main objective is to get their team from the mission to the vision; always according to the organization’s values. In the meantime, there is need of working on a constant improvement of the organizational culture in order to bring the team to a sustainable competitive advantage.

To achieve this purpose, it is necessary to channel the human, technical and organizational energy.

This channelling process implies a multitude of competencies for which many of the current leaders in the pharmaceutical or medical field have not been trained. These medical leaders can improve their skills in the development of soft skills related to strategic planning or business innovation management described in this program.

Why do we combine the healthcare and pharmaceutical field in the program?

Because both sectors are interdependent. It will be positive for healthcare professionals to take a look at the global pharmaceutical strategy to understand how it works, and it will be beneficial for professionals belonging to the pharmaceutical industry to learn the management system of a client department.

The knowledge of both sectors will be offered in the hard skills classes and, eventually, the work of each student will focus on their own professional field.

  • Leadership skills
  • Self- knowledge and humanist leadership
  • Assertiveness, conflict management and how to give feedbacks
  • Communication & high performance equipment
  • Leadership skills and happiness at work (role playing)
  • Business strategy (I). Strategic planning and BSC
  • Business strategy (II). Strategic planning and BSC
  • Human resources tools
  • Big data and data analytics applied to leadership
  • Innovation management
  • Soft skills
  • Business strategy
  • Innovation management
  • Human resources and data analytics

The students will work both collectively (theoretical explanation), as well as in groups for workshops and dynamics in pairs. The objective is to stimulate the complicity and the participation from the students, as well as valuing their skills for teamwork.

Exectuive Certificate in Strategic leadership in Pharma and Medicine

Exectuive Certificate in Strategic leadership in Pharma and Medicine by BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

and Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)
BEBS is a private business school, fully accredited by the Spanish Government to provide higher education which is valid worldwide, as well as it is a member of the Association of Business Schools in Spain (AEEN), and European Union Private Higher Education (EUPHE).


  • Nursing Graduate by UAB-UCAV
  • Master’s Degree in management and health services companies (Hospital Clínic- UB)
  • Postgraduate in General Business Management (EAE)
  • Postgraduate in Management of the Innovation in the Healthcare sector (New Buckinghamshire, UK)
  • Coach, consultant and communicator specialized in leadership strategy and innovation.
  • Director and broadcaster of the program “Strategy and leadership” (Radio Sant Cebriá de Vallalta).
  • President of the Alumni Leadership and Strategy club in UB.
  • Professor online and on Campus in BEBS


  • Graduate in Philosophy and Education Sciences.
  • Psychologist specialized in Clinic Psychology.
  • Master’s Degree in Human Sexuality
  • Creator of “Terapia Vital”
  • Author of 10 books. Several of them bestsellers, such as “Recetas para cambiar el mundo”.
  • Professor of “Humanist Leadership” in Different Business Schools, EAE.


  • PhD by University of Barcelona (UB).
  • Director of the Master in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching in the Work Environment (MICEL) by IL3 UB.
  • Postgraduate Director in Coaching in the Work Environment (CEL) at UB. Program accredited by AECOP
  • Postgraduate Director in Emotional Intelligence in Organizations (PIE) at IL3 UB
  • Director at “Couching Barcelona”
  • Organizational specialist and trainer in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.
  • Coach in ESADE Business & Law School
  • Member of the Scientific Committee in AECOP and Coordinator of the III Scientific Forum of Executive Coaching AECOP.
  • Senior Professional Coach Certified by AECOP, specialist in Business Coaching, Manager, Executive, Professional, Team Coaching, Group
  • Coaching and Sports Coaching.
  • Coach Professional Senior by ICF and member of the Sports Coaching Commission between 2015 and 2017
  • Certified professional Couch by ASESCO
  • Coach associated with AECODE
  • Associate Partner of AEPNL


  • Executive Director of the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute “Dr. Pifarré Foundation”.
  • More than 20 years of managerial experience in the pharmaceutical sector: 14 years in Spain and 7 years in Spain (Chicago, London and Paris)
  • Master’s Degree in Market Access
  • MBA from University of Pennsylvania.
  • Master’s Degree in Leadership


  • Director of people and communication at the Consorci Sanitari del Maresme in Spain
  • She has been Head of Communication at the Consorci Sanitari del Maresme
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science Information in the pharmacy sector.
  • Postgraduate in Scientific Communication and Leadership in Health Organizations.


  • Senior Computer Engineer (UPC)
  • More than 20 years of experience in data management and exploitation.
  • Consultant in national and International projects.
  • Extensive experience in training and Business Intelligence “evangelización” and Big data.
  • Collaborate Professor at Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence at UOC.

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Dual Degree in International Business Innovation

  1. Master in Business Administration by BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School
  2. University Master’s Degree by the University of Murcia

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