Visa Application

We support our students throughout the process of getting a visa and successfully settling into Barcelona

Visa process

Here is a list of the legal requirements to be met to apply for a one-year residency permit in Spain. Note that these conditions may vary, so we recommend getting full information from the spanish embassy or consulate in your country of origin.

EU citizens and citizens of the European Economic Area
Do not require a visa to enter Spain. All you need is a national identity card or passport.

Non-EU citizens
You require a visa to enter Spain. Required documents for Student Visa include:
. Passport
. Passport-sized photos
. Proof of financial means
. Letter of acceptance from BEBS
. Proof of health insurance including repatriation
. Proof of acommodation/invitation to Housing Letter
. Other special information required for citizens of your country

BEBS offers the service of seeking proper accommodation and a student insurance.
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Those students who come to Spain with a visa should apply for a residence permit for studies upon arrival. This is called a “Student Card” and replaces the visa issued by the Spanish consulate in your country.

This document grants legal status to stay in Spain and is awarded for a maximum of one academic year, to be renewed annually in case studies have not been completed.

* If you are a student from a European Union member country you are not required to get a visa to enter Spain. However, it is recommended that once you get to Barcelona, you request a Student Card, which certifies you are a foreign student.

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