Master's in International Tourism & Hospitality Management

The Master in International Tourism and Hospitality Management consists of giving knowledge in current topics focused on the Tourism sector and human capital management and its influence in the tourist market, as well as encouraging innovation and evolutionary improvements in this area. This degree aims to develop students’ career as directors, area managers or entrepreneurs, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for decision-making in this sector. 

Within the tourism and hospitality sector, a knowledge of tourism hotel planning and management is essential to a management career in the exciting profession of hospitality management or tourism. 

Therefore, this Master encourages innovation and evolutionary improvements and train professionals specializing in the management of tourism in all its areas by developing a complete business plan related to the sector.

Participant profile
Graduates or professionals and specialists in the management of products and services related to tourists destinations worldwide.

One Academic Year

Tuition fee
In-Class: 4800 euros
Next intake: September 2018

Online: 4300 euros
Intake: Monthly

This Master’s degree is available 100% in Spanish or 100% in English

Modules of the Program

 Module 1: Strategy and Globalization (5 Credits ECTS)

Module 2: Leadership and Human Resource Management (5 Credits ECTS)

Module 3: Operations and Innovation Management (5 Credits ECTS)

Module 4: International Marketing and Sales (5 Credits ECTS)

Module 5: Financial and Economic Management (5 Credits ECTS)

Module 6: Entrepreneurship (5 Credits ECTS)

Module 7: Business Game (3 Credits ECTS)

Module 8: Destination and Events Planning (4 Credits ECTS)

Module 9: Hospitality Management: Hotel, food, beverage and restauration (3 Credits ECTS)

Module 10: E-tourism: Strategies, promotion and techniques (5 Credits ECTS)

Module 11: Final Master’s Project (15 Credits ECTS) 


When finishing the Master in International tourism and Hospitality Management, you will get a Master’s Degree given by the BEBS “Barcelona Executive Business School” and University of Murcia.

Admission process

Ask for information: Each applicant is advised to contact BEBS via e-mail in order to receive extra information, as well as to find out whether their profile meets the master program requirements.

How to apply: Scan and send the following documents via email to and complete the Online Application Form:

  • Resume (CV)
  • Statement of Purpose or Motivation letter
  • Passport or ID copy
  • Bachelor’s degree or 5 years of Management experience + High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Academic record (Transcript/Grades).
  • Professional experience (not less than two years).
  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, in case it’s not the mother tongue or he did not study at English speaking school.

Possible InterviewThe admission department will contact the candidate if an interview is required via Skype to complete the admission process.

Application assessmentThe academic committee may take up to a week to make a decision and communicate to the applicant, whether the decision is positive or negative. 

Registration: In the case of admittance, it is required to pay €500 registration fee within a maximum of 7 days after receiving the admission. This fee is deducted from the total tuition fee, therefore it is not an extra payment, but serves as a deposit to reserve the place of the student. 

After the admission: Once registered, the student will receive the original admission and registration documents by post, in order to apply for the student visa, if needed.

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