MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management

Professionals are needed to manage the advantages of this last decade new technology.

MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management

Professionals are needed to manage the advantages of this last decade new technology.

Get ready for an innovative and much-needed profession

We live in the age of globalisation and the supply chain industry is undergoing rapid transformation and tremendous growth. 

This master will give you the necessary business knowledge to be prepared and updated in e-supply chain. 

This program offers direct, practical and effective training. Students work and study real cases and practice all the knowledge acquired. 

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This program is for you if:

What is BEBS and whatmakes us different

Humanistic, Innovative and Diverse

Founded in 2014, BEBS bases its principles on academic excellence. The school was founded by pioneers in the educational sector, convinced to create not only an academic educational institution, also a modern business center.  

Thanks to its innovative approach, BEBS has grown really fast and now has students from over 120 nationalities.  

Our teachers are professionals in active: entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen and managers, who work in the real business world, and who transfer this expertise to the classroom, so that our students are prepared in a practical, not only academic, way. So BEBS combines academic excellence with real-world business models. This is why it is the kind of training that start-ups, corporations and individual entrepreneurs are looking for.  

Dual Degree in International
e-Supply Chain Management

MBA in International
e-Supply Chain Management

by BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School
Master in International
e-Supply Chain Management
(own degree)
by UCAV Catholic University of Avila

BEBS is a private business school, providing higher education which is valid worldwide, as well as it is a member of the Association of Business Schools in Spain (AEEN), and European Union Private Higher Education (EUPHE).


Other students already took the step

"Ideally suited for full-time professionals that want to expand their knowledge in a specific area. BEBS offers a balanced combination of theoretical and practical frameworks."

Dimitris Moustakas

"I grew not only professionally, but also personally at BEBS. By using real-life cases, the professors prepare you for the entrepreneurial life. That is what I was looking for!"

Niels De Boeck

"BEBS is a great place to be, I had a formidable experience there. I recommend BEBS to anyone looking for an affordable and recognized institution to further their studies."

Parfait Tabot Mbu

BEBS makes it easier for people who are working to pursue a programme. It incorporates real-life situations and practical teaching into the course, it is not just about theory.

Pinyarat Rujirojampai

"It was a pleasure for me to meet professors who are passionate about their field and willing to share their experiences with the students. The staff is always there to help."

Sona Latifyan

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