Going beyond the theories about innovation, this program opens paths to optimizing solutions that allow the creation of powerful business models. Technology and growth concepts are the key points of the curriculum.

This master program teaches the ¨know-how¨ of building diversified and disruptive business models through smart and dynamic tools, skills, and knowledge. The students are enabled to look into the future of technological advancements and use them for positioning their businesses and bringing value to the society.

This master’s degree brings together some of the most respectable international innovators as a teaching group, people who create policies, businesses and influence the modern society through their work.

The students come from a wide range of sectors, and each is enabled to use their own resources and learn from the others. This allows to gain insights about how innovation can be applied in literally any location or field.
Upon graduation, the students are ready to build diversified, powerful and sustainable business models.

  1. The Capacity to Innovate: one of the few lasting competitive advantages.
  2. The Key Factor of Innovation: People
  3. Identification of innovation challenges (Innovation Strategy)
  4. How to Manage and Systematize the Innovation Process
  5. Collaborate to Innovate. How to Build Innovation Ecosystem
  6. Starting a new business: Entrepreneurship
  7. Business Game Simulation
  8. Final Master Project

The final Project of the Master’s Degree is written either as a business plan or a case study for an existing business. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to develop their business ideas and give them life, as the projects are supervised and guided by some of the best professionals in the field. We strongly encourage our students to take advantage of the master’s project to push their limits using it as an exercise for entrepreneurship.

The project can be done either individually or in group.

  • Professionals of any industry, who wish to gain the necessary skills and tools for innovating, improving and and managing a business through an innovative leadership
  • Recent graduates who are passionate about technology and leadership
    Those who are seeking a career change, are welcome to apply

Master’s Degree in International Business Innovation by BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

BEBS is a private business school, providing higher education which is valid worldwide, as well as it is a member of the Association of Business Schools in Spain (AEEN), and European Union Private Higher Education (EUPHE).

  1. Up-to-date Resume (CV)
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Passport or ID copy
  4. Bachelor’s degree
  5. Academic record (Transcript/Grades)
  6. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, such as TOEFL or previous education in English

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