Your key to doing business globally. Mastering the skills for foreign trade and international business relations are the key success factors for launching or consolidating your career as a global entrepreneur.

The program teaches how to meet the high standards required in order to carry out successful international business activities.
From foreign trade policies to international relations and doing business globally, this MBA prepares the students to face real world business challenges as a skilled leader and a global decision maker.

Businesses nowadays can no longer be confined to narrow boundaries, whether you own a small bakery, or running a large law firm, the possibilities of bringing your business out to the world are becoming countless and inevitable. Doing business internationally means being competitive on a larger scale, having access to a wider spectrum of talent and being able to make use of foreign goods and resources.

By undertaking this master’s program the students not only gain access to a reliable and practical education, but actually get the real taste of international business, by having the chance to learn from some of the most important figures of the business scene in Spain. The professors of BEBS are entrepreneurs, directors, influencers and more.
Upon graduation the students will be well prepared to design a strong international business plan and be prepared to execute it.

  1. Strategy and Globalization
  2. Leadership and Human Resource Management
  3. Operations and Innovation Management
  4. International Marketing
  5. Financial and Economic Management
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Business Game
  8. Accessing to New markets
  9. New technologies and Social Media in Foreign Trade
  10. Operation and Management of Foreign Trade
  11. Final Master’s Project

The final Project of the Master’s Degree is written either as a business plan or a case study for an existing business. This is an excellent opportunity for the students to develop their business ideas and give them life, as the projects are supervised and guided by some of the best professionals in the field. We strongly encourage our students to take advantage of the master’s project to push their limits using it as an exercise for entrepreneurship.

The project can be done either individually or in group.

  • Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to gain knowledge and skills in global business management
  • Recent graduates who want to specialize in international business management and foreign trade

MBA in International Business Management by BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School

BEBS is a private business school, providing higher education which is valid worldwide, as well as it is a member of the Association of Business Schools in Spain (AEEN), and European Union Private Higher Education (EUPHE).

  1. Up-to-date Resume (CV)
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Passport or ID copy
  4. Bachelor’s degree
  5. Academic record (Transcript/Grades)
  6. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, such as TOEFL or previous education in English

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