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Our professors are prominent leaders in their respective fields and ready to help you throughout your professional development
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Double Accreditation
Our Masters' degrees are accredited by BEBS and the University of Murcia
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BEBS trains future entrepreneurs and senior executives to become leaders of change and innovation, fully aware of their role in the company and in society.
  • At BEBS we give a very close and individualized attention for each student
  • Our teachers are a group of executives and managers with outstanding careers in the business world
  • Our model is based on what businesses need today, it is up-to-date and perfectly fits the current business system
  • We help you to learn executively and not only academically

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We are an executive business school. Our focus is to combine professional training with academic learning.

We offer continuous Spanish courses during the academic year, with the objective of learning Spanish quickly, and addressed to students from different age groups. 

We provide executive training with high quality standards for entrepreneurs and senior managers. Through these programs the participants address, analyze and develop contemporary business topics.


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