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Our Staff

Karelys Ramirez Torres
Founder and General Director

Marie Reine Liboho
Head of Admissions and Enrollment

Anelis Abreu Ramirez
Financial Director

Clara Prat
Academic Director

Valentina Gherardi
Head of Marketing and Communications

Director de Asesoramiento

Antonio Membrive Membrive
Senior Adviser

Maray Quiñones
Academic Coordinator

Diego Nuñez
Academic Coordinator

Karen Arbizú
Regional Student Adviser

Diana Esaian
Regional Student Adviser

Laura Contreras
Graphic Designer


I attended the master in “e-Supply Chain Management” in 2017 at the Barcelona campus of BEBS. It was a great experience, an enriching year for my personal growth and educational development. BEBS gives a mix of theoretical and practical teaching, which makes it the best option for people who want to receive complete professional preparation.
Right after my studies I moved to Ireland, where I started to work for the Apple European headquarters, within the department of “Sales Planning & Operations”.

Vesna Majmunovic, Italy, Master’s in e-Supply Chain Management

Diversity matters!

If I could define my experience at BEBS in one word, I would choose enriching. The school brings together views, culture and professional backgrounds literally from all over the world. Coming originally as a student and later becoming part of the team has been truly a life-changing opportunity. Being an international student and getting to find a home away from home and a family drove by support and care has proven to me that at BEBS diversity and inclusion matters and that more than a school we are a community.

Karen Arbizú, Nicaragua , Master’s in Project Management

I’m working in Supply Chain for the UN since 1993 and wanted to widen my knowledge in Supply Chain Management. I studied together with my work colleague from the UN, and we prepared the master’s thesis together guided by our mentor from BEBS, who was excellent in advising us. The knowledge I’ve gained during my study at BEBS gave me the confidence in my daily work as Supply Chain Officer at the UN World Food Programme, with a hope to prosper in my career in the future.
I’m really thankful to the staff of BEBS for all the support I’ve received to successfully complete my Master’s degree online studies.

Denis Coric, Croatia, Master’s in e-Supply Chain Management

No doubts, BEBS have given me the needed flexibility as well as broadened my horizons in personal development, global perspectives and new learning. The admission process was easy/transparent. The Academic staffs were ready to assist in every stage of the programme. I was able to juggle my careers, school schedules together with other commitments. There was also the team of experienced lecturers, student forum & case study sections. All these accorded me increased learning and networking opportunities; allowing me to share views/opinions with peers across nations/continents.
I would not hesitate to recommend anyone wanting to get the best in online master’s programme to Barcelona Executive business school.

Ebundon Kelechukwu Osaiyuwu, Nigeria, Master’s in Operations Management and Logistics

BEBS has a very good reputation and the international approach of the program was exactly what I was looking for, together with the education methods and the structure of the individual modules in the master’s program. The Staff has been very supportive throughout the complete module, I felt very comfortable and supported at all time, which is extremely important.
Very interactive and demanding and all has been focused towards the individual module details, but always keeping the big picture of the innovation subject in the discussion. Finally, very experienced, motivating and really competent teachers.
Preliminary I am able to apply the learned content 1:1 in my daily work and I have been able to deepen the spectrum of the subject of innovation significantly.

Andrzey Heeb, Switzerland, Master’s in Business Innovation

Choosing to attend BEBS was one of the best decisions I have made yet for my career and personal journey. I gained extensive knowledge from professors from all over the world, who were experts in their fields. Living in Barcelona equipped me with great confidence and intrapersonal skills, which I still carry with me now. Now, I am back in Atlanta, GA, USA pursuing a job in business and my experience and knowledge gained from BEBS definitely helped to contribute to this opportunity.

Sydney Walton, USA, Master’s in Business Innovation

What to do when you intend to work and to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of supply chain at the same time? The answer for me was pretty straightforward: A renowned online masters degree. A business school that works closely together with a public university and at the same time has business professionals as teachers! With classmates who operate in the supply chain industry as well, the learnings are taken to another level. The masters in Supply Chain tests your ability to apply theoretical knowledge into practice by means of multiple business cases and discussion forums. And when you have the capability to apply theory into practice, you become the perfect candidate!

Nimranjit Nijjar, Master’s Degree in e-Supply Chain Management

This master degree will definitely help me to reposition my career path and complete my current experience in the logistics field.

Students are from different backgrounds; this gives a wider exposure of the discussion topics, from different angles, each one depending on their experience. Teachers are available to support and provide further explanation or clarification on due time. I selected BEBS among others to complete my Master degree, as it provides a double accreditation with a renowned university, as well as for the follow up and professionalism of its staff in the first approach and registration process.

Thank you BEBS team for all the support!

Manale Azar, Master’s in e-Supply Chain Management


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