Accreditations and Memberships

Recognized by major universities and associations


Our programs are certified by prestigious universities

Catholic University of Ávila

Founded in 1996, UCAV offers students a flexible and modern teaching system tailored to meet the demands of the labor market. Its primary objective is to provide students with a comprehensive education encompassing cultural enrichment, rigorous academic study, research opportunities, and robust professional and personal development.

BEBS has a strong partnership with UCAV, leveraging its expertise in the business and social environment to tailor programs to specific needs. This collaboration has yielded excellent results in research, promoted a culture of entrepreneurship, and incorporated top professionals equipped to meet the ever-evolving demands of society.

Catholic University of Murcia

Where history meets modernity

UCAM offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs taught by professors and researchers dedicated to maintaining the university’s high standards of educational quality.
This collaboration with UCAM is immensely valuable given its prestigious reputation and international recognition.

Cualificam: Professional Master's Certificate

CUALIFICAM is a comprehensive quality certification process developed by the Madrimasd Knowledge Foundation. It evaluates professional Master’s Programs according to European standards, ensuring both academic excellence and real-world career relevance. The benefits are substantial, including national and international recognition, alignment with current job market needs, and a strong focus on developing essential professional skills. 

Ultimately, CUALIFICAM greatly enhances graduates’ employability and paves the way for their professional success.


We are affiliated with leading global business organizations


BEBS is a member of AEEN (Spanish Association of Business Schools).

The AEEN is an Association founded in 2008 with the aim of contributing, in a collegial manner, to the process of development of managers through Professional Master’s programs that allow their students obtain highly effective business results.

The mission of the AEEN is to promote the Professional Master’s as fundamental programs in the specialized Training of Managers, both from a conceptual point of view, as well as from the requirement and acceptance of quality standards referring both to the programs themselves, as well as to the training and experience of teachers and the teaching methods and systems applied.


BEBS is also a member of the European Union of Private Higher Education (EUPHE).

EUPHE is a continental private organization dedicated to higher education consisting of:

  • 250 academic institutions
  • 420,000 students
  • 2,700,000 alumni

It is a federation of associations of countries that are members of the European Union that contributes through its autonomy to the creation of an independent and efficient system of Higher Education in Europe. EUPHE also supports international competition in higher education through innovation, quality, and efficiency.

Corporate Collaborations