Payment plans and financing

We have developed a payment plan for those who need it.

Cover Payments

Training should be one of the pillars when you think about your professional future.

At BEBS we do not want financial issues to hinder your progress towards your goals.

Payment Process

All our programs, on campus and online, can be paid for in the following way:

At the time of registration


A non-refundable payment of 500 euros must be made at the time of registration, in order to secure your place in the program you want to study.

One week before the start of classes

50% enrollment

Students must pay 50% of the registration fee. This ensures their access to the training.

During the first two months

50% enrollment

The remaining 50% of the registration fee must be paid during the first two months after the start of classes.

Payment Methods

There are different methods of payment that can be adapted to the circumstances of each student:


This method is possibly the most interesting if you want to pay in a different currency than euro. It is easy and the costs are low. It works with bank transfers and cards.


We accept debit and credit card with VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. It is advisable if you are going to pay in euros, because it does not charge commissions.

Bank transfers

It is valid for the entire world; the cost depends on every country. If you do not have a credit or debit card, probably you will have to pay by bank transfer.

If you require financing, we offer some possibilities. Ask our Student Advisers.