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Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) HR toolkit​

22 min read
36 pages

Businesses will thrive only if they will foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, as it contributes to creating a great work culture in which people can feel represented. Moreover, study shows that it leads to higher levels of innovation. After all, what is innovation if not seeing the world from new perspectives?

With this toolkit, we will provide HR professionals with a framework to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace through three pillars: hire, retain and learn. In each pillar, you will find business examples to show you the path to hiring and retaining talent from all walks of life.

  • The state of diversity in the workplace
  • Why you should hire a diverse workforce
  • A framework to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace: hire, retain & learn
  • Hire – Write an unbiased job description
  • Hire- Prepare for the interview process
  • Hire- Start partnerships
  • Retain – Foster a safe space
  • Retain- Kickstart talent
  • Learn- Become a better ally

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