We support our students throughout the process of getting a visa and successfully settling into Barcelona.

Here is a general reference list of the legal requirements to be met to apply for a one-year national visa to study in Spain.

Note that these conditions may vary, so we recommend getting full information from the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country of origin.

EU citizens and citizens of the European Economic Area Do not require a visa to enter Spain. All you need is a national identity card or passport.

Non-EU citizens

You require a visa to enter Spain. Required documents for Student Visa include:
  • - Passport
  • - Passport-sized photos
  • - Proof of financial means
  • - Letter of acceptance from BEBS (original paper version sent via post, not the email)
  • - Proof of health insurance including repatriation
  • - Proof of accommodation/invitation to Housing Letter
  • - Other special information required for citizens of your country

BEBS offers the service of seeking proper accommodation and a student insurance. Contact servicios@bebs.org for more information.

Those students who come to Spain with a visa should apply for a residence permit for studies upon arrival. This is called a “Student Card” and replaces the visa issued by the Spanish consulate in your country. This document grants legal status to stay in Spain and is awarded for a maximum of one academic year, to be renewed annually in the case of continuing your studies. The students who receive visas, have their NIE number mentioned on the visa, therefore they are only required to request an appointment at the immigration office, in order to apply for their card. EU citizens are required to obtain a NIE number, once they arrive in Spain. This document will serve them as a proof of their residence in Spain, if they wish to open a bank account, undertake an internship or employment.

For most of our students, deciding to study at BEBS means finding a new place to live and adapt to new customs. Our strategic partner Someday Holiday offers multiple accommodation options for students, whether in apartments, rooms, student residences, accommodation with families, hotels, hostels and pensions, there are options for all tastes and budgets. You can also enjoy an apartment very well connected with the city. Barcelona offers excellent transportation system and all of our apartments are within walking distance of the nearest metro or bus station.

All students applying for visas are required to present an insurance. BEBS, through its partners, offers comprehensive insurances that cover health, travel, liability and more, you may choose the options that meet your needs and economic expectations. The insurance covers medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses, including pharmaceutical and emergency dental expenses incurred as the result of an accident or illness, occurring during the coverage period and up to the chosen Insured Amount. Private Liability is also included. Additionally, it offers coverage for repatriation, loss of baggage, travel cancellation expenses, loss of classes, etc., as well as compensation in case of death or permanent disability. The Annual price per person depends on the type of insurance chosen, maximum insured amount desired for the medical expenses coverage and the duration. Once your application has been processed, you will receive the Insurance Certificate by email.

Apply for Insurance
If you have questions about the packages, you may contact our student services, by emailing servicios@bebs.org

For international students deciding to study abroad comes with worries of finding a new home and adapting to a new culture. Here we are, to help you overcome these worries and turn them into memorable experiences.


Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city that stuns with its diversity, making it a unique Mediterranean city.

There are numerous reasons, why the city is a heaven in terms of quality of life and business opportunities.Barcelona combines everything that is most charming about Mediterranean cities – relaxed place, months of endless sunshine, unbeatable food – with a cultural and design clout.

Names such as Gaudi, Dali and Picasso are only some part of the proof of the city’s creative DNA. Barcelona is living high times, thanks to the excellent business environment, that allows the growth of its biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, design, ICT, innovation, audiovisual and other clusters, and it is the nursery of many leading international initiatives. The city has a historical culture of entrepreneurship and attraction of multinationals and foreign investment. Therefore, European rankings place it among the five best cities in Europe for business and executive education.

The importance of Barcelona as a tourist destination, as well as its international trade fairs and congresses, set up the Barcelona brand. And beyond Gaudí postcards or Barça success, Barcelona has reached the category of city for business. Not to forget to mention that Barcelona is also the main port of the Mediterranean Sea and a strategic logistics center.

BEBS places much importance to learnign by practice, which is why we encourage our students to undertake an internship during their studies. There are a number of ways we provide support, but mostly, we place the offers received by companies on our virtual campus where the students can access the offers directly and apply.

Keeping the managerial and entrepreneurial spirit alive, we constantly encourage our students to treat their internships as their job, starting from application, interviews to undertaking their tasks.

Coaching classes

At the start of the master’s program in Barcelona, the students are given a coaching class, during which they learn about the local work culture, platforms for finding jobs and internships, interviews and other aspects of employment in Spain. The non-EU students are given extra guidance about their legal rights.

Regarding employment, European students are free in the labour market and may choose to work or do an internship. As for non-EU students, due to not having a work permit, only part time internship contracts are permitted, with the nature of their work being exclusively limited to internships, rather than labour.

Note: For non-EU students, internship contracts are offered only for master’s programs. Considering the bureaucratic matters, shorter term programs make it impossible to allow the time necessary for finding and undertaking an internship.

Our students have already carried out internships at the following companies:


If you reside in Spain, you are employed and your employer has paid tax for you, you may apply for studying at BEBS, paid by your employer through your taxes. The amount available depends on the duration you have worked and the amount of points accumulated within the tax system.

Please, advise with your HR department to learn more about your specific points available, which you can use for your training.

Any of our courses qualify for the allowance.

BEBS works with the Institute of Training Allowance (Organizing body recognized by FUNDAE, it deals with all the necessary procedures, technical and administrative that entails the use of credit to reward the training actions promoted by companies for their workers).

What is training allowance?

The companies have a “training credit for their workers”, which they can use through discounts in Social Security contributions. Allowance education is not subsidized.

Regardless of the size, activity or location, any company can choose which training they want to undertake, in what place, topic and with whom they want to do it, as long as the training actions are related to the activity of the company.

I ´m a company, what training can I take?

BEBS has a wide range of fully redeemable training programs through the State Foundation for Training in Employment (Fundae).

Our programs have university accreditation and cover the needs of the main areas of knowledge in demand in the market and are aimed to improve the performance and productivity of workers.

Who is teaching this training?

We have highly qualified teachers who will adapt the content to the specific characteristics of your company.

Are there online training options?

We offer online training, redeemable through our e-learning platform, so you can manage your time and combine your personal and work life.

Our installations are strategically located in a well connected area where our students can access easily by public transportation either by metro, bus, and train. Barcelona has an outstanding and very convenient transportation service. And also. one of the best advantages of living in Barcelona is that everything is quite close and you can either cycle, walk or use public transportation to get anywhere. (Facilities pictures)

The BEBS campus in Barcelona is a modern and intimate hub, with its doors open for the students from 09:00 – 20:30, Monday till Friday. The campus is equipped with all of the necessary technological facilities for accessing quality class hours and not only. The students are welcome to use the facilities outside their class hours for their group works and study time.
Rather than the classical image of large universities, BEBS transmits a spirit of a young business hub, which is open and inclusive for its community. Our idea is to make our students feel that BEBS is their office, where they can put their best entrepreneurial spirit into action, together with their teams.

Online learning

Through our virtual campus BEBS students have access to our main and up to date general guidelines, academic material and grades. The platform allows our students to have at their disposal a wide range of resources, as well as great communication tools, to constantly be in touch with their classmates and professors, which turns a virtual experience into a genuine exchange of knowledge.

The structure of the online programs

Each module consists of three parts: Interactive Forum, Case Study and Quiz
The interactive forum is the virtual classroom where discussions and analysis happen, creating and sharing knowledge between the professors and other students. The students are required to do research for the specific topics that are provided by the professor and contribute with their participation.

Next, the case study analysis enables the students to study specific topics in depth and provide their own analysis. Finally, the modules are concluded with a quiz, which tests how well the students have studied the study materials provided by the professors during the module.

The platform is available 24/7 anywhere in the world, and the methodology has been designed specifically for busy individuals who, apart from studying, have other commitments, such as full time jobs and families. Since there are no specific hours to attend classes, the students are allowed to study at their own convenient time, as long as they follow the three deadlines provided in each module. This is our formula of 100% flexibility meeting proper discipline and achieving tangible results.

The profile of our students that study online ranges from top level executives to stay-at-home mothers.

Many of students work for companies and organizations worldwide, such as United Nations, Red Cross, Deloitte, Apple, local NGOs and governmental institutions.

Our virtual campus creates an international and rewarding atmosphere facilitating the communication in between students and teachers, that are practically present worldwide. This is a fascinating opportunity that the technological advancements are offering and BEBS strives to take the best advantage of it.

Currently we have partners in the following countries

  • Bulgaria
  • Afghanistan
  • Armenia
  • Australia
  • Bahamas
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Cameroon
  • Cyprus
  • Georgia
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Jordan
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Nicaragua
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • UK
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe

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