BEBS MBA in e-Supply Chain Management educates you in the latest technological advances

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BEBS MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management is a programme that trains students in the latest developments in this sector. By learning its integral components, students will be able to practice this profession with competitive advantages in the marketplace.

This MBA has been designed to provide a comprehensive view of the industry, so students will be prepared to work in companies in any sector.

The supply chain industry is constantly growing nowadays. New technologies and IT improvements such as artificial intelligence, block chain, robotics, machine learning and cloud computing are rapidly transforming this sector.

These advances are resulting in streamlining processes, reducing the cost of delivery services and improving their reliability. Knowledge of these technologies and their uses has become the way to stand out from other supply chain professionals.

Students of this dual-accredited MBA receive reliable and practical training in supply chain management, researching the latest developments and technologies so that they can use and apply them throughout their careers.

What are the reasons that make this programme great? Let us to explain you:

Develop your career in supply chain, logistics and operations

The MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management is a programme aimed at professionals from various disciplines who want to acquire knowledge about supply chain optimisation and integration.

Its curriculum enables students to develop their professional career by making informed decisions based on current business trends and having the necessary knowledge to develop the professional skills to work on supply chain. In addition, the programme’s hands-on approach encourages students to continually find ways to update their work.

After completing this MBA, you will become a well-rounded professional in the field of operations, supply chain and logistics. In positions such as demand as sales planner, purchasing manager, warehouse manager or inventory coordinator, as well as in distribution logistics or customer service.

Learning to run a successful company

During first months of the MBA, you will learn the fundamentals of successful business management from a multidisciplinary perspective. You will start by taking the Business Administration modules alongside students from other programmes, so you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with professionals from other disciplines.

A complete training in which you will learn the economic part of the management of a company in modules such as ‘Financial and Economic Management’, ‘Strategy and Globalisation’ or ‘International Marketing’.  But you will also learn non-financial aspects that are necessary to lead any project in ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ or ‘Leadership and Human Resources Management’.

Once you have completed this first part of the programme, you will begin the specialisation modules of the MBA.

Become an e-Supply Chain management specialist

You will specialise in the specific modules of the MBA in e-Supply Chain Management, where you will acquire fundamental knowledge for your professional development.

You will learn about the latest technological advances in logistics and their main uses in the module ‘New Technologies and SCM Optimisation’. You will also learn the best standard practices that a company should take into account in the supply chain in ‘Quality, Productivity and Operations’.

You will understand the end-to-end supply chain. In ‘Purchasing and Procurement Strategy in the SCM’, you will learn about the stock procurement process that companies go through; and in ‘Distribution, Storage, Handling, Transport and Reverse Logistics’, you will analyse the management of those same stocks. 

Use case studies to obtain a realistic picture of business situations

Each module of the MBA in International e-Supply Chain has a case study that students work on. The case studies consist of in-depth analysis of real-world situations, through which students gain a very realistic view of business situations.

This methodology makes students develop critical thinking and use all the skills learned during the module. As students present the findings to their peers, the case studies also allow them to initiate a reflective discussion among themselves.

In this way, students learn to justify the decision-making process in supply chain issues. By being present in all modules, students of this MBA get a clear picture of the working methods used today in the different fields covered in the programme.

A double accredited programme by the Universidad Católica de Ávila

This MBA has a double accreditation; the one granted by Barcelona Executive Business School and the one issued by the Universidad Católica de Ávila. Having a double accreditation means that, once you finish the programme, you will receive two diplomas in the same academic year and the MBA will be internationally recognised in any sector.

UCAV is a private Spanish university founded in 1996 whose main objective is to provide students with a global education, combining culture, study and research. With a close relationship with companies and their social environment, the programmes of the UCAV are focused on specific needs, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and creating professionals who respond to the needs of society.

These values are in line with BEBS ones, as our intention with this MBA and with the rest of our programmes is to provide our students with practical training in an international environment, to train the leaders and change makers of the future, with diversity, humanism and innovation as pillars.

Live the campus experience in Barcelona

Choosing BEBS MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management also means living the experience of studying the programme in Barcelona. On BEBS campus you will develop an international network of contacts, thanks to a community of students and alumni of over 120 nationalities. You will have the opportunity to foster friendships and professional opportunities at the same time.

For a first-hand look at the campus experience, listen to the testimony of Lucas Dengler, one of this year’s MBA students. For him, meeting so many people from different backgrounds helped him to “learn new perspectives that I didn’t know about yet”. In Barcelona he “made connections on first day that continue until now”, as they became his friends and his Master’s Project team.

Your teachers will be professionals with years of experience in the logistics and supply chain sector. As a result, students learn about the latest developments in the industry.

After reading about the program, do you want more information about the MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management? You can find the full program on our website. And in case you have any question, request assessment with one of BEBS Students Advisers to ask them and receive the brochure with all the information about this MBA.

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BEBS MBA in e-Supply Chain Management educates you in the latest technological advances in the industry

BEBS MBA in e-Supply Chain Management educates you in the latest technological advances

BEBS MBA in e-Supply Chain Management educates you in the latest technological advances in the industry
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