How to Become a Digital Nomad and Best Countries to Visit

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Given the opportunity, who wouldn’t like to become a digital nomad, visiting some of the best countries in the world? It’s a lifestyle that gives you the freedom to explore new places while working. In public perception, digital nomads are young, often male, freelancers. However, the reality looks a bit different. According to an article on digital nomads statistics, 35% of people work for a company while only 28% is self-employed. Regarding gender, 70% of digital nomads are female and 30% male.

In ‘How to Become a Digital Nomad and Best Countries to Visit’ you will learn how to live this lifestyle. We have answered the most common questions such as what jobs do digital nomads do, where you should go or how to pay taxes. Keep on reading 😉

What Jobs Do Digital Nomads Do?

In the working-from-home-era, we have learned that the vast majority of jobs can be done remotely. Therefore, at least in theory, almost everyone could opt to live as a digital nomad.

However, as reported by a survey on digital nomads, they tend to come from some specific professions:

-22% software engineers 

-21% project managers, video creators, and graphic designers 

-13% writers

-9% consultants

-7% eCommerce professionals

-28% working in “other” fields

How to Get a Digital Nomad Job

Nowadays, getting a digital nomad job is easier than it was ten years ago. You can opt to run your own business or to join thousands of freelancers. If you opt for the latter, the easiest way is to register on online platforms for freelancers. One of the most used is Fiverr: it has nine broad categories spanning from programming to lifestyle.

But we know, not everybody wants to become a freelancer. Don’t be discouraged because this won’t be a problem to become a digital nomad. As we have seen at the beginning of the article, the majority of people work for companies. You will have to put an extra effort during the job hunting process and make a list of companies who hire remote workers.

If you work for a company, make sure it sits well with them your nomadic lifestyle. If you plan to work in a different time zone, communicate it clearly to your supervisors. Once they have given you the OK, it’s time to start your adventure.

Top 5 Destinations for Digital Nomads in 2021

You might decide to travel to all the countries you will now see, or you can opt to live for the rest of your life on a remote island in Italy (sounds good, right?). As a digital nomad, the choice is yours. 

Below you will find some of the top destinations fellow digital nomads have chosen in 2021. From exotic beaches to bursting cities, you will have no problem finding a place you want to visit.


Exotic beaches, excellent cuisine and low cost of living are the three main reasons that make Thailand a top destination for living and working as a digital nomad. People tend to concentrate in remote islands like Krabi or Phuket, but it might be worthwhile to explore the capital: Bangkok.


Over the last few years, Portugal has become a great destination for digital nomads. Non-European citizens can apply for a temporary visa that allows them to stay up to 1 year in this country. Additionally, the digital nomad community in Portugal is quite tight, making it easier for you to integrate. 


As you have seen so far, digital nomads prefer seaside locations with nice weather and excellent food culture. Who could blame them? But what makes Spain particularly attractive for remote workers from all over the world, is its co-working culture. As you might have read in our article ‘Top 5 Apps for International Students in Barcelona’ by the end of 2018, there were 1.197 start-ups just in Barcelona.

South Africa

South Africa is finally getting its well-deserved spot on the map. With 59 tech hubs in the country, South Africa represents the future of Africa. Cape Town has been voted one of the Best Places for Remote Working in 2021. Furthermore, a new proposal is trying to introduce a Remote Working Visa to attract digital nomads.


Brazil hosts the most diversity on the whole planet. If you are a city type, you should probably live your digital nomad life in Rio de Janeiro, dubbed a cidade maravillosa (the marvellous city). People here are friendly, you will have no problem with internet connection and you will live in a vibrant city. 

Digital Nomads and the Future of Work

The possibility to work while exploring the world is increasingly attractive. Furthermore, one of the major positive aspects of 2020, is that companies have realized the benefits of employing a remote workforce.

First, organizations can hire from a bigger talent pool. Secondly, it boosts the loyalty of employees, who will be less likely to leave. Thirdly, it reduces costs associated with a physical workplace. Considering the aspects above mentioned, it shouldn’t surprise you that digital nomads are expected to increase in the next years.

Additionally, digital nomads are already shaping how the future of work will look like, with increasing flexibility becoming the norm and co-working spaces bursting in every city.

How to Become a Digital Nomad and Best Countries to Visit: Tips to Live Your Best Life 

Now that you are ready to embark on your nomadic journey, it might be useful to learn three tips that will make your digital nomad life easier. 

How to Become a Digital Nomad and Best Countries to Visit: Tips

Become a Technology Wizard

It might sound obvious but to live this lifestyle you have to be tech-savvy. We are not talking about having a master in IT, but you have to be comfortable working in a digital space. Get confident with Zoom and download Slack. Plus, make sure you have a reliable internet connection wherever you go. If you plan to travel to multiple countries, bring with you a charge adapter. Without it, you won’t be able to deliver the work in time and your digital nomad dream could end before its time. 

Connect with Your Tribe

One of the major downsides of working remotely while living abroad is the sense of isolation. According to a Nira report on remote work, “social opportunities and loneliness & isolation” were the main challenges identified by their respondents -respectively for 16% and 13% of them-. If you opt for this lifestyle, make sure you connect and interact with other digital nomads. It will help you create a sense of community and you will have the chance to ask other people how they are dealing with the specific set of challenges digital nomads face. How do you pay taxes? What are the best co-working spaces in your area? How much should you charge for a project?

Pay Taxes as a Digital Nomad

It’s one of the most common questions people want to know when becoming digital nomads. There is no unique answer as it will depend on which type of contract you have. For example, if you work for a company based in Spain, you will pay taxes in Spain. In case of doubt, ask other fellow digital nomads what they are doing. They are going through the same experience and are more likely to have sorted this out already.

Start your Journey

As you have seen, becoming a digital nomad is easier now than it was a decade ago. Once you decide it is a lifestyle you want to follow, focus your energy on finding a job that allows you to work remotely.

Remember that, like everything else in life, working while travelling can have its downside. Taxes, working across different time zones and problems with technology are a few of the main challenges waiting for you. We are confident that thanks to our guide, you will overcome all the obstacles and live from everywhere in the world.

Would you like to become a digital nomad? Let us know on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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How to Become a Digital Nomad and Best Countries to Visit|

How to Become a Digital Nomad and Best Countries to Visit

How to Become a Digital Nomad and Best Countries to Visit|
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