Enroll in one of our online MBAs before 31st December and enjoy our Scholarship Plan

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BEBS has just launched a new Scholarship Scheme for new students enrolling in some of our programs before 31 December 2022. In the case of our MBAs, the scholarships can be up to 25% of tuition fees and are available for the online MBA in International Tourism and Hospitality Management and the online MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management.  

This is an excellent opportunity to join two of our prestigious programs with a scholarship for those who meet the criteria. Can you demonstrate an outstanding academic record? Are you an entrepreneur with an interesting business project to create? Perhaps you are currently unemployed but want to continue training to find the job of your dreams?

Studying at BEBS offers you the chance to train with a team of active teachers, all of whom are entrepreneurs, managers and business people. Thanks to their years of experience, professors present students with real cases that exemplify the real business environment. 

Completing one of our MBAs is not only a great achievement from an academic point of view. You will also be immersed in an international environment of professionals who share your field, allowing you to build a global network of contacts. Something really useful for your career once you graduate.  

Depending on which of the two MBAs in the Scholarship Scheme you join, you will either become an expert in Tourism and Hospitality or in e-Supply Chain management. But in both cases, you will learn how to run a successful business from a multidisciplinary perspective: international marketing, finance, innovation, strategy, human resource management, etc.

If you need more help to choose the program that best suits you, read all the details about the BEBS MBAs in International Tourism and Hospitality Management and International Supply Chain Management:  

Why study Tourism and Hospitality Management with our Scholarship Plan?

BEBS MBA in International Tourism and Hospitality Management offers you the opportunity to study a disruptive program in a school placed in one of the most internationally recognised cities in the sector, Barcelona.  

You will train to become an expert in tourism and hotel management, but you will also learn everything related to business management to become a more innovative and multidisciplinary professional.  

The program has a double accreditation, the one awarded by BEBS and the one awarded by the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

Who is this program aimed at?

Our MBA in International Tourism and Hospitality Management is aimed at university graduates and professionals from various fields who wish to enhance their training with practical knowledge of the different areas involved in the operation of a company specialising in travel, tourism and hospitality.  

As the hospitality industry is the largest in the world, this program offers opportunities for exciting and well-paid careers in many different sectors of society.  

This MBA will open you up to positions such as destination planner, tourism director or consultant, event logistics management, hotel manager or restaurant manager among many others. 

Tourism and hospitality specific modules

If you study this MBA you will learn about the latest trends in ‘Destination and Event Planning’, taking some lectures on topics such as Muslim Friendly Tourism. A tourism formula that promotes a more inclusive experience for Muslim travellers.  

In the module ‘Hospitality Management: Hospitality, Food, Beverage and Catering’ you will be trained to be an efficient professional who knows how to manage all the necessary processes to ensure the customer experience. 

Students also learn about what is to come in the tourism industry in the module ‘The Future of Tourism: Innovation and Sustainability’, having the opportunity to train in sustainable tourism, important in today’s challenging global environment. 

The module ‘E-tourism and Revenue Management’ focuses on revenue related content, including strategic revenue management, e-tourism technology, segmentation and price optimisation. Students fully understand the possibilities that e-tourism currently offers as a tool for maximising revenue.  

If you want to know more about this program, you can also read our article “6 great reasons to study Tourism and Hospitality Management at BEBS”.And listen to the testimonial of David van Ruller, who studied this program at our Barcelona campus last year.  

Why study e-Supply Chain Management with our Scholarship Plan?

The MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the supply chain, logistics and operations sector.  

In an ever-growing industry, understanding how new technologies and IT enhancements are transforming the sector is key to succeeding and standing out from other supply chain professionals. This is something you will achieve after completing this program.  

You will do so thanks to a truly practical method, very focused on case studies, which will update your knowledge on the latest advances and technologies to use and how to apply them throughout your professional career.  

Like the MBA in Tourism and Hospitality, this program has double accreditation. In this case by BEBS, and by Universidad Católica de Ávila (UCAV)

Who is this program for?

BEBS MBA in International e-Supply Chain Management is aimed at professionals from different disciplines who want to acquire the necessary knowledge to become experts in supply chain optimisation and integration.  

The curriculum of this program’s main objective is to enable students to develop their professional career by making informed decisions based on current business trends and having the necessary knowledge to develop the professional skills to work in the supply chain sector.  

Students finish this MBA as well-rounded professionals in the field of operations, supply chain and logistics. They are ready to work in positions such as sales planner, purchasing manager, warehouse manager or inventory coordinator, among other responsibilities.  

Specific e-Supply Chain modules

Learn all the last technological advancements in logistics and how are they currently used to improve processes like sales forecasting, demand planning, or distribution in ‘New Technologies and Optimization of Supply Chain Management’.  

To go deeper into the different procedures, ‘Purchasing and Procurement Strategy in SCM’ and ‘Distribution, Storage, Handling, Transportation and Reverse Logistics in SCM’ will be the modules in which you will be trained to have efficient working relationships with suppliers and transport and storage services.  

Before finishing the MBA with the Final Master Project, you will also learn about the quality standards commonly followed, mostly created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  

You can continue reading about this program in our article “MBA in e-Supply Chain Management educates you in the latest technological advances in the industry”. Watch the testimonial of our alumni Lucas Dengler to learn more about the personal experience of studying this MBA.  

As we said at the beginning of this article, our new Scholarship Plan is active until the end of the year. Take advantage of this opportunity and join one of our online MBAs before the 31st of December 2022. You can apply now and choose later which of our intakes to join! 

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Enroll in one of our online MBAs before 31st December and enjoy our Scholarship Plan

Enroll in one of our online MBAs before 31st December and enjoy our Scholarship Plan

Enroll in one of our online MBAs before 31st December and enjoy our Scholarship Plan
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