Study an online Master at BEBS and boost your career without money being a problem – I 

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BEBS offers the opportunity of scholarships for new online students, up to 30% of the tuition fees. Do you want to build or enhance your professional career? Take advantage of this opportunity offered by BEBS. Join one of our prestigious and renowned business programmes without money being an obstacle. Here we give you all the details of this opportunity.   

We are starting a new series of articles on BEBS blog, in which we will tell you all about the online masters in which the scholarship is offered. We hope to help you clear up all your doubts and help you make the right decision. Today, we are giving you all the details on BEBS Master in Operations Management and Logistics.  

BEBS Master in Operations Management and Logistics 

This online Master’s Degree trains students in the management of the operational flows of a company, evaluating different scenarios and learning how to optimise their available resources in a competitive and sustainable way.  

In this changing and digitalised world where we live, logistics and operations have become key elements for the good development of any company. Users consume products and services from very different channels, some of them unthinkable until recently. These is why the management of operations processes is more important than ever.  

This BEBS online Master prepares you to analyse the performance of organisations at the operational level in terms of production, distribution and international logistics. You will develop an innovative mindset so that you can meet the quality and efficiency demands of consumers.  

The Master in Operations Management and Logistics has a comprehensive and practical curriculum. Case studies must be solved in each module; in this way, students gain practical experience that allows them to learn about different business situations and acquire all the necessary tools to become efficient decision-makers. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a scholarship 

If you are interested in Master in Operations and Logistics Management, BEBS is offering scholarships of up to 30% of the tuition fee for new students of all online master programmes, this one included. 

Scholarships places are limited, so don’t miss the opportunity and apply for a one of them! When the scholarship quota has been filled with eligible students, the financial aid option on these programmes will end.  

A master’s degree as complete as this can add great value to your career. That’s why the BEBS scholarship is a great opportunity to take an important step forward in your career. The field of Operations and Logistics is very competitive and this programme allows you to stay ahead of the game.   

Who is this programme aimed at? 

The Master in Operations Management and Logistics is aimed at university graduates and also at experienced professionals from different areas who want to specialise in improving operations in any company integrating current trends.  

This programme allows students to develop their professional career through the quality training they receive in key areas such as trends, purchasing and production procurement. 

Upon graduation, students are fully prepared to develop their professional work in positions in the field of Operations and Logistics such as Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager or Warehouse Manager. They will be able to perfectly perform tasks such as demand and sales planning, and the management and distribution of raw materials.  

Get the benefits of studying online 

BEBS Master in Operations Management and Logistics is entirely online. It is designed to allow you to study at your own pace with a very flexible methodology. With year-round intakes, you can start the programme at your convenience.  

This makes it perfect for experienced working professionals who want to study a master’s degree that is compatible with their work schedule. It is also perfect for those who want to specialise in the field of Operations and Logistics but do not have the availability to study a year-long programme in Barcelona.  

The course is designed to be flexible in terms of scheduling while maintaining the international networking experience of all BEBS studies. You will share your virtual learning experience with students from all over the world. Take the opportunity to make connections and learn from them. 

An immersive academic virtual experience 

Once you have joined one of our online Master’s, BEBS Virtual Campus will be your place of study and learning. There you will find access to all the educational resources available, as well as all the communication tools to stay in touch with your teachers and classmates.  

The Virtual Campus is an interactive forum where you will discuss your findings with the rest of your class. A space for sharing knowledge in which you will have to participate and contribute. Given the online methodology, you will be able to do it at your own pace, but following the deadlines dictated by your teachers.  

You will also be able to attend live-streaming classes in each module, with an organised timetable that will help you to experience studying with people from different time zones around the world. And if you are unable to attend these sessions, all live classes will be recorded so that you can watch them whenever you are available. 

Learn about real business dynamics with case studies

Each module of the online Master in Operations Management and Logistics contains a case study. Students perform an analysis of the current business context. This practical study of real cases allows students to place themselves in a realistic business context. 

Case studies are a practical approach that is used in most BEBS programmes because of the great results obtained among students. It helps them develop critical thinking, as they use all the skills gained during lectures to analyse the behaviour of companies. In addition, it encourages a reflective debate among fellow students, with a strong focus on the moments of the final conclusions.  

As this is a standard methodology in all the modules, students learn to defend their own positions and strategies in Operations Management and Logistics, gaining perfect control of the different strategies and work tools currently used in this field. 

A complete curriculum in logistics and operations 

As we have already emphasised, this programme applies an eminently practical and highly innovative methodology. BEBS Master in Operations Management and Logistics is made up of eight different modules, including the Final Project. 

Each module is dedicated to a specific Operations and Logistics subject. Therefore, when students finish the online Master, they will be experts in the different areas of the sector. Modules such as ‘Trends in company operations management’ or ‘Key skills in operations management’ bring cutting-edge knowledge to the programme.  

Students learn the different phases of the logistics process in the modules ‘Operations in procurement and sourcing’, ‘Operations in the production process’ and ‘Distribution of operations’.  

Train under the supervision and guidance of our excellent professors, creating a business plan as your final master’s project; it can be the start of a new chapter in your career. 

Now that you know the highlights of the Master in Operations Management and Logistics, it’s possible you may want to know more about the course. You can get more information by reading the full programme on our website.  

Do you have more questions about this online Master? Get assessment from one of our Student Advisers. They will be happy to answer them and give you the brochure with all the information you need. 

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Study an online Master at BEBS and boost your career without money being a problem - I

Study an online Master at BEBS and boost your career without money being a problem – I 

Study an online Master at BEBS and boost your career without money being a problem - I
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