Study an online master’s degree at BEBS and boost your career without money being a problem – III

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Money can be a big barrier when wanting to increase your professional opportunities. You must take advantage of all the chances that appear in your path that can help you grow. At BEBS, we have launched a Scholarship Plan for all new students of our online Master’s that can go up to a 30% of the tuition fee to create that chance for you.

In this series of articles of BEBS Blog, we have been sharing with you the details of the programmes where you can be granted that scholarship. In this third and last edition, you will get to know better what it is like to study the Master in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain at BEBS.

BEBS Master in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain

This programme has a renewed and eminently practical curriculum that will make you a complete professional ready to define, plan, implement, measure and update actions of distribution logistics. We want to create experts that know how to balance internal cost efficiency with external logistic service efficiency. Always having values like quality, integration, and sustainability as priorities.

Our Master in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain trains you to execute a holistic end-to-end supply chain, working with traditional and digital resources. Something important to effectively assist client’s teams in developing strategies and technology road maps, as well as developing processes and operating systems that support digital supply chain applications.

Through case studies, BEBS students achieve those goals and at the same time obtain real-life business scenarios and methodologies. In every module, our students do their own analysis of the dynamics that companies are using in the field to understand their decision process and create their own critical eye.

Apply to our 30% Scholarship Plan

All new students of our Online Masters have the chance of receiving a scholarship of up to 30% of the tuition fees. Three programmes are in this Scholarship Plan: Master in Operations Management and Logistics; Master in Strategic HR and Change Management; and of course, BEBS Master in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain.

This Master’s Degree still has spots available for this financial aid opportunity, but the number of students that can be granted a scholarship is limited. When the quota is reached, you will not be able to apply for it anymore. Don’t lose this chance and improve your profile without money being the limiting factor.  

Who is this programme for?

Our Master in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain is aimed at professionals of different fields that want to learn and direct their career towards the improvement of Operations and Integrated Logistics in companies of any sector.

That way they can develop their professional career basing their choices on knowledge and innovation as well as on understanding what is needed to develop their professional abilities, integrating a strong message of continuous improvement.

Roles like Procurement Manager or Director of Production are some of the prominent positions that students are trained for after finishing the Master. Graduated professionals can assume responsibility for demand forecasting, sales planning, and management of raw materials.

Online studying at BEBS

As you know, the Master in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain is performed completely online. At BEBS, you can develop your talent at your own pace, with an online methodology that is as flexible as possible, helping you feel comfortable.

Are you already working in logistics and want to update your knowledge and increase your profile at the same time? Maybe you graduated recently, and supply chain is the field where you want to specialize, but don’t have the availability to spend a year in Barcelona?

Studying online at BEBS is the solution in both cases. You can start your academic adventure at any moment of the year and from anywhere in the world. We are proud to be an international business school with students from over 120 different countries. The quality of our education, the opportunities to establish an international network of connections and the flexibility that our programmes offer have made BEBS achieve that.

Learn everything at BEBS Virtual Campus

BEBS Virtual Campus is the online platform where your studies will take place. Our online methodology is designed to offer an experience similar to the one you would have studying on campus. You will have live classes available, so you can attend them and have your professors there to answer any doubts.

As we just highlighted, BEBS international atmosphere is important for us. We want you to feel that you are not only progressing in your career, but also finding your way in the international business scene. That’s why the live classes schedule is adapted for the different time zones of our students, making it easy for all to access and share the training experience.

If you don’t have the time to connect to those classes, don’t worry. Recorded classes will be uploaded to the Virtual Campus afterwards. Choose the way to study that fits your schedule better.

The interactive forum it’s where you will discuss, create, and share knowledge with your classmates and professors. Participation is mandatory for most of the activities, but once again you will be able to do it at your own pace while following the deadlines set in every module.

Acquire end-to-end knowledge of the Supply Chain

The curriculum of this Master has modules that will help you acquire a deep and complete understanding of the discipline. Like ‘Strategic and Global Vision of the SCM’, where you will learn about the current logistic environment, or ‘SCM Innovation and Optimization’ in which you will discover the logistic processes of companies that want to compete in the XXI century.  

In the module ‘Demand, Strategy, Purchasing, Sourcing and Procurement in SCM’ you will have the objective of understanding demand behaviour in order to compete at an international level.  And to acquire end-to-end knowledge of the supply chain, the class ‘Distribution, Storage, Handling, Transportation and Reverse Logistics, Strategic Management of Stocks in SCM’ is basic to help you find the best distribution methods of your products providing high quality service.

To finish the programme, one of the favourite courses for our students is ‘Business Game’, where you will be performing a simulation of your own projected company to practice the different tools acquired during the Master in a risk-free environment.

If you have reached the end of this article, you are really interested in our Master in Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain. We know that you want as much information as possible about this programme. You can check its page on BEBS website to get more info.

Do you want to get all the details on this Master’s? Then you can get in touch with our team of Student Advisers and they will solve all your doubts. From information about the curriculum to assessment of the payment plans, our Student Advisers are there to help you and will share with you the programme’s brochure.

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Study an online master’s degree at BEBS and boost your career without money being a problem – III

Study an online master’s degree at BEBS and boost your career without money being a problem – III

Study an online master’s degree at BEBS and boost your career without money being a problem – III
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