Why study a postgraduate degree?

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A postgraduate degree is a perfect opportunity to help you define your career path. It allows you to adapt and thrive in this changing world we are living in. Now, more than ever, we need to upgrade constantly our education and professional skills.

Postgraduate degrees are the best option if you want to acquire knowledge about a specific topic, or if you are a recent graduate who wants to continue improving your professional skills within a short period of time. Moreover, postgraduate degrees are ideal if you are still choosing your career path.

We live in an interconnected world, and this means professionals must master more skills than ever because a large number of transversal job positions are being created. The possibility of studying for a postgraduate degree comes up as a good option to keep learning. It will allow you to become an expert and will let you develop transversal skills. 

Why study a postgraduate degree at BEBS?

A postgraduate degree is a great idea for people who are working or have a busy life. BEBS postgraduate degrees allow our students to acquire specific knowledge in less time than the one required for a Master’s degree. Our postgraduate degrees usually last for 6 months (for a total of 750 hours of classes). With our programs we go straight to the point and cover all of the specific specialization topics. Furthermore, you earn a real higher education degree because BEBS postgraduate programs have an educational value of 30 ECTS and are considered programs for those who have already obtained undergraduate studies.

We believe in high-quality education at affordable prices, because everyone deserves an opportunity to use his or her talent. For this reason, the tuition fees for postgraduates is less than the average of our Master’s degrees. During the last editions of the Master’s and postgraduate degrees, the tuition fees included visits to companies such as Griffols, HP, and Amazon. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can not guarantee visits will take place as usual. However, in case the sanitary restrictions will not allow BEBS to carry out visits in 2021, we commit to organizing complementary activities with our partner companies.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Barcelona

Studying for a postgraduate degree at BEBS means staying in Barcelona for 6 months. It is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills and define your career trajectory while enjoying a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Barcelona is in the top 5 of the most important business hubs of Europe, and in 2019, Barcelona ranked 7th in the list of the best cities in the world to live and work for expats. Combining both concepts, Barcelona is the perfect breeding ground to create innovative business ideas and make them real. Needless to say, the Mediterranean weather and culture facilitate social meetings.

Generally, in our globalized society, living abroad provides you with a broader perspective of the world. This enriching situation will help you to improve yourself and be more aware of what surrounds you. It will equip you with the required skills to become the leader of tomorrow and will help you in your professional advancement. 

At BEBS, we truly believe postgraduate degrees make a difference and are key to create better professionals.

At the moment, we are offering several Postgraduate Degrees, so after asking yourself “why study a postgraduate degree?” now it is time to ask “what is the right one for me?”

Business Administration

This program is for you if you want to learn how the business world works. This Postgraduate will help you with the skills required to run a business and get a managerial position. The program curriculum includes modules like Operations Management & Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Financial and Economic Management.

Business Management & Innovation

This program is perfect for you if you are looking for a career path in business innovation. You will study subjects like Innovation Fundamentals and Preparing People & Organizations to Innovate. It is crucial to learn how to apply new technologies in the workplace and guide people and companies through a smooth transition.

Tourism & Hospitality Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the tourism and hospitality sector hard. Nevertheless, at BEBS, we firmly believe there are still plenty of opportunities within this industry. For example, in countries like China or Taiwan, the tourism sector is already re-gaining traction.

This program is a suitable option if you are a believer like us, and you are looking to start a career in the field of Tourism and Hospitality. It is a good option also if you are already working in the industry and you want to achieve higher positions within the sector. 

Project Management

Nowadays, Project Management is a demanded career path in the job market. With globalization, companies’ projects are bigger than ever, and there is a need for experts able to swiftly manage these projects. This postgraduate is for people who want to be effective translators of objectives and ideas.  Our postgraduate in Project Management provides our students with the tools necessary to guide a company through the track of success.

Talent Management and Leadership 

All companies have a common area, which is at the same time the most complex to manage: Human Resources. This field plays a crucial role in companies. If an employee is happy working for a company, the environment at the office will be better. In turn, it will generate a more productive team. This postgraduate degree is for you if you are interested in learning how today’s Human Resources world work. The program includes subjects like Employee Relations and Conflict Management and Organizational Culture, Leadership, and Team Building to create professionals with managerial skills.

E-Supply Chain Management

Due to the introduction of new technologies, the Supply Chain field has gone through many changes in the last years. It is decisive to remain updated with the latest trends if you are considering a career in this field. Our programs have been designed to provide useful knowledge to people who are interested in having a complete understanding of the modern supply chain. Even if you are a recent graduate interested in logistics, this is the best postgraduate for you.

Analytical Strategy in Business 4.0

The future of business is to adopt smart models that support decision-making. To boost your career growth, you will need to analyze data. For this postgraduate degree, it is necessary to have a keen interest in data. The modules of the program will include Big Data Fundamentals, Master Data Management (MDM), and Data Visualization. Furthermore, during the program, you will focus on how to communicate effectively and manage people.

Independently of the postgraduate degree that fits better your needs, studying a postgraduate is useful to help you defining your career path and improving your job opportunities. In addition, it will turn you into a more skilled professional.

Now is the time to stop asking yourself “why study for a postgraduate degree?” and start taking action.

Are you still not sure if this option is for you or do you need help with deciding which program suits you better? Contact us today and one of our student advisers will happily help you 🙂

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why study a postgraduate degree|

Why study a postgraduate degree?

why study a postgraduate degree|
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