Become a successful business planner by studying BEBS MBA in International Project Management

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Project management is a tool that every company needs, as it makes the difference between the success and failure of a project. Managers are required to make quick decisions in often uncertain scenarios. The good project manager makes sure that he or she has a good plan and executes it correctly.

Every company, without exception, must find ways to adapt and develop in a hyper-competitive and globalised environment. Through strategy, innovation and sustainability, companies must generate changes and materialise them through precise and efficiently managed projects.

BEBS MBA in International Project Management provides students with quality training. They acquire and develop a set of key skills that enable them to become effective enablers of their company’s objectives.

The most successful project managers are those who embrace change rather than seeing it as an obstacle. This programme enhances personal and professional growth and ensures that students finish their studies being able to turn their ideas into tangible results.

How do we achieve this? In this article, we summarise the key elements of this MBA that will turn you into a successful project manager. Will you join us?

Who is this programme for?

The MBA in International Project Management is a programme aimed at company directors and managers who need an up-to-date overview of project management. It is also a good training for professionals from any sector who work with projects, as well as for young people and recent graduates looking for career opportunities in a field of strategic importance and growth.

Due to the characteristics of the programme, students come from different areas such as engineering, law, health sciences, business administration, economics, or architecture. All MBA students have the same objective: to complete their training or professional experience in order to acquire a global, integrated and strategic vision of what a company is.

Once they have completed their training, students are fully qualified to work in positions such as Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Officer Manager or Change Manager.

Develop your skills

The programme is based on several pillars: empowering and encouraging teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration. It replicates the professional project management environment that students will encounter in their companies.

This is achieved through a practical methodology that promotes situations in which students work through real business scenarios. For example, the study of successful case studies, in which they carry out an in-depth analysis of projects that are being carried out in companies, developing their own analysis and executing it, using the skills learned during the MBA.

In addition, both the online and the on campus modalities are quite flexible, allowing students to follow the programme and work or do an internship at the same time.

Learn from experienced project managers in the field

One of the main attractions of this MBA is its team of professors. All of them are active professionals with years of experience in the project management sector. They are excellent specialists who share their knowledge with students through real cases and situations.

Without leaving aside the theoretical part of the content, the teachers also teach their students through their own learning and experiences. As a result, students get a much more realistic picture of what they will encounter in their professional career.

As we have already mentioned, the methodology of the classes is eminently practical, designed so that students not only master the theory, but also acquire the necessary skills to apply this knowledge in their daily work.

A skilled business administrator

This MBA trains students not only to become experts in the latest trends in project management, but also update their knowledge of business administration. The first half of the programme is made up of business administration modules, which are taken together with students from the school’s other master’s programmes.

Courses such as ‘Strategy and Globalisation’, ‘International Marketing’ or ‘Financial and Economic Management’ teach them all the basics of business management at different levels. And in the ‘Business Game’ module they will have to demonstrate what they have learned by simulating the decision-making process of the projected company.

Training in business administration in the same programme in which they specialise in project management makes them professionals with a global vision of the sector.

Become a specialist with Project Management modules

In the second half of the MBA, students take the specialisation modules in Project Management. They will learn how to manage the different phases of a project in modules such as ‘Project Management Fundamentals’, ‘Project Planning’, or ‘Project Execution’.

To apply all this theory, they will be taught modules such as ‘Critical Chain Project Management’, evaluating the best possible formulas for the realisation of a project. And ‘Project Management Tools and Techniques’, to learn from methodological approaches to the computer applications needed for optimal planning.

The last step before finishing the MBA is the presentation of your Final Project. Students will have to choose between creating their own business plan or carrying out a success case study of an existing company. Under the supervision of the tutors, who are professionals in the sector, they develop a business idea as an exercise in entrepreneurship.

Double accreditation by UCAM

BEBS MBA in International Project Management is double accredited by the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. Being accredited by this prestigious university, as well as by BEBS, means that you will receive two different diplomas in one academic year, once you finish the programme. In addition, this alliance allows the MBA to be valid internationally.

UCAM is Spain’s third largest private university with more than 25 years of experience. It is an institution recognised for its undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes, and is committed to the quality of teaching in all the courses it offers. At BEBS we apply an educational approach based on three principles: diversity, humanism and innovation.

This strategic alliance allows us to generate greater social impact, generating greater collective knowledge and empowering talented people to grow and contribute to an ethical entrepreneurial ecosystem.

After reading the best qualities of the MBA in International Project Management, do you want to get more information about the programme? To do so, you can take a look at the full program on our website. And in case you have any doubts, you can request assessment with one of our Student Advisers to get them solved and have access to the brochure with all the information about the MBA.

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BEBS MBA in International project management

Become a successful business planner by studying BEBS MBA in International Project Management

BEBS MBA in International project management
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