Nowadays we live in a changing world, and we are bringing ourselves to date, buying new gadgets and purchasing the latest fashion trends. Regarding our education and professional skills, it is the same. Aiming to do so, Postgraduate degrees exist.

They are the best option if you want to acquire knowledge about a specific topic, or if you are a recent graduate who wants to continue upgrading their professional skills within a short period of time. Postgraduates are a perfect way to achieve a fast track specialization.

We live in an interconnected world, and this means professionals must master more skills than ever because a large number of transversal jobs positions are being created. As a consequence of this, the possibility of studying a Postgraduate Degree comes up as a good option to keep learning and even start learning new fields to be a 360º professional thanks to the wider view that the possession of transversal skills has given to them.

Clearly, to do a Postgraduate is a great idea for people who are working or have a busy life in which there is not enough time to attend to class for more than 6 months. BEBS Postgraduate Degrees allow our students to acquire a specific knowledge in less time than the one required for a Master degree. This is because with our programs we go straight to the point and cover all of the specific specialization topics. What’s more? You actually earn a real higher education degree, because BEBS postgraduate programs have an educational value of 30 ECTS and are considered programs for those who have already obtained undergraduate studies.

Related to the tuition fees, they are less than the average in a Master degree, and they include the visit to companies such as Griffols, HP and Amazon.

Studying a Postgraduate at BEBS means staying in Barcelona for 6 months, an excellent opportunity, as Barcelona is in top 5 most important business hubs of Europe, and offers very high quality of life thanks to its weather and culture. Combining both concepts, Barcelona is the perfect breeding ground to create innovative business ideas and make them real. Needless to say, the Mediterranean weather and culture facilitate social meetings.

Generally, in our globalized world, living abroad gives a wider view for everything. This enriching situation helps our students to improve themselves and be more aware of what they are surrounded by, creating as a consequence versatile people with the required skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

At BEBS we truly believe Postgraduates Degrees make a difference and are key to create better professionals. As a proof of it, these days we are giving scholarships to people signing up to study one of our Postgraduates.

Right now we are offering several Postgraduate Degrees, which are in:

Business Administration

This program is designed for you if you are interested in learning how the business world works. This Postgraduate provides the most vital aspects related to the management of a business, and helps to create professionals with the skills required to run a business and to have a managerial position. The program curriculum includes subjects such as operations, marketing, finance and others.

International Business Management

This Postgraduate is for you if you want to become a specialist in the field of International Business and Foreign trade. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to do business globally, International Business Management is for you. One special feature of this program is its continuous assessment, which ensure the commitment of the student and their progress in achieving their goals. The program is complete and focused on global business management, it even includes subjects related to communication such us New Technologies and Social Media in foreign Trade.

Business Innovation

This Postgraduate Degree is for you if you are interested about acquiring knowledge in order to create innovation strategies and bringing innovation into your company. This is your tailor-made program if you plan to create a company, no matter your previous professional experience, or if you want to bring transformation into an existing company.

The course focuses on motivating the students to use their creative and intellectual skills to find original solutions to the challenges that exist nowadays in the business world. Within its Program Curriculum, subjects such as Applied innovation and Innovation fundamentals are included, but also Business Game and Entrepreneurship because we approach to knowledge from different angles to create a 360º professional experience.

Tourism & Hospitality

This sector is growing faster than the global economy itself, which means it is developing and applying innovation faster than other industries because a growing sector attracts the most innovative minds of the moment. This program is for you if you wish to create a hospitality related business, if you are interested in starting a career in the field of Tourism and Hospitality, and for people who are already in the industry and want to achieve higher positions within the sector. 

Project Management

Nowadays, Project Manager is a job position in demand because with globalization companies’ projects are bigger than ever, and there is the need of experts on the field to manage these projects.

This program is for people who want to be effective translators of objectives and ideas. Everything related to our program has been designed having in mind to provide to our students the tools needed to keep or guide a company through the track of success.

Talent management and Leadership 

All companies have a common area, which is at the same time the most complex to manage, the Human Resources. This field has a strategic position in the company too. If an employee is happy working for a company, the environment at the office will be better and it will have as a consequence a more productive team.

This Postgraduate Degree is for you if you want to specialize in human capital management or you are interested in learning how the contemporary human resources work.

This program includes subjects such as Employee Relations and Conflict Management and Organizational Culture, Leadership and Team Building to create professionals with managerial skills.

International e-Supply Chain Management

Due to the use of new technologies, the Supply Chain has gone through many changes in the last years, and professionals of the sector need to keep up to date. Our programs have been designed to provide useful knowledge and experiences to people who are interested in having a complete understanding of the modern supply chain. Even if you are a recent graduate who is interested in logistics and understanding how your online purchases arrive home, this is the best program for you because we visit companies such as Amazon to complete our students’ knowledge. 

Independently of the Postgraduate Degree that fits better your needs, studying a postgraduate is useful to improve your job opportunities and it turns you into a more skilled professional.

Do you need help with deciding which program suits you better? Contact us today and one of our student advisers will happily help you 🙂