BEBS and Barcelona, the best choice

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Barcelona is undoubtedly the best choice for studying abroad. Because of its location, its climate, its gastronomy and its international business projection. It receives more than 19,000 foreign students every year. It is the fifth European city and the first in Spain with more international students.

So, surely there are good reasons to choose the Catalan capital as the perfect destination to continue your education, don’t you think? Let us show you the main reasons why you should study at BEBS in Barcelona. BEBS is an international business school located in Barcelona, a perfect place for those who want to pursue a quality higher education, exponentially increasing their business knowledge.

Why is Barcelona a great place to study?

If we look at the information provided by one of the most prestigious international rankings, “The World’s Best Cities 2021”, Barcelona is ranked as the 9th best city in the world and 3rd in Europe. The consultancy Resonance, founder of this ranking, describes the city as “a city with near-perfect year-round weather, miles of beaches, iconic parks, striking architecture and colorful neighborhoods”. What does that mean? So it’s a city with a pleasant climate, good food, sea, beaches and fantastic walks and tours around interesting places.

Continuing with the rankings, we look at the Global Power City Index. It says that Barcelona is among the best cities in the world to live in. According to the Institute for Urban Strategies, that compiles this annual statistic, the Catalan city ranks particularly high in terms of livability. And it ranks as the 3rd best city in the world thanks to the long list of services it offers its citizens, the high level of freedom and social equality and one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

In addition, Barcelona is a great place for entrepreneurs, as it has one of the most innovative business environments internationally. EU-Startups considers Barcelona to be the 5th largest start-up hub in Europe. Proof of this is that it has been chosen, among many other options, as the venue for one of the most important trade fairs in the world, the Mobile World Congress. This fair means that every year Barcelona receives a large influx of new talent linked to the world of entrepreneurship and technology.

For all these reasons, Barcelona is the perfect city for all types of visitors: for tourists who want to visit a region with cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes; but also for those who, like you, are looking for an opportunity to learn and do business and want access to an international, modern and prestigious business center.

Barcelona, home of the new generation of companies

Barcelona is home to six start-ups that have achieved the feat of being considered “unicorns”. A unicorn is, in business terms, an emerging company that reaches a value of one billion dollars. Three of these companies are Catalan: the marketplace Adevinta, the fast commerce app Glovo and the online travel agency eDreams. The other three, Letgo, Wallbox, and TravelPerk, have their permanent corporate headquarters in our city.

Given the characteristics of the city, this number is sure to continue growing. In fact, more than fifteen Barcelona start-ups are already considered unicorn candidates and will most likely reach that status sooner rather than later. Barcelona is a great destination for entrepreneurs who want to make their business idea a reality. It has a thriving environment, where the opportunities for networking are almost limitless.

Why choose BEBS to study in Barcelona?

Barcelona Executive Business School is located in Barcelona and has a long list of programs (MBAs, Masters and Postgraduates) that will allow you to become the best professional in your field. Programs focused on Business Management, Logistics and Supply Chain, Project Management, Human Resources, Tourism and Hospitality or Innovation. Our higher education programs will make you stand out and become an expert in the management of your sector.

BEBS is the perfect business school for you. Why? For many reasons. Here are just a few:

It will allow you to create a valuable and long-lasting network of international contacts

In its short but prolific story, BEBS has become a successful International Business School, with students from over 120 different nationalities in both Online and On Campus programs. Having classmates from all over the world will help you to create an international network of connections.

In addition, being in contact with cultural and professional approaches that are very different from your own will assist you to learn through building a broader picture of trends around the world. All this, thanks to the friendships and relationships that BEBS will contribute you establish.

Mentored at every step of your program

At BEBS you will never be or feel alone. From the very beginning, when you request information about our programs, our team of Student Advisors will answer all your questions and guide you through the Admissions Process.

But the guidance doesn’t end at the moment you join one of the BEBS programs. That is only the beginning. Once you are in our courses, both Online and On Campus students have their own tutor. This tutor will be your reference whenever you have a problem with anything related to your studies: timetables, assignments, exams, etc. He/she will be at your disposal at all times.

Learning through an eminently practical methodology

Students in the modules of the On Campus programs have weekly classes in which they learn through dynamic and practical exercises. Designed so that they not only manage to master the theoretical part, but also acquire the necessary skills to apply them in the reality. In group work and individual assignments, students are required to work on projects that are assessed to professional standards.

Almost every module has a case study exercise in which they will have to analyze real business cases related to their field in order to assess how companies operate today. This idea helps students to learn about the latest trends and, at the same time, develop critical thinking and decision-making skills.

In addition, in the MBA and Master’s programs, students are required to complete their Master’s Final Project, which consists of creating their own business plan, either in a group or individually. Guided by qualified professors, the final projects often turn into real projects after the end of the program.

Professional teachers

This practice-focused methodology is made possible by a teaching staff of successful entrepreneurs, executives and specialists, who hold positions of responsibility in their respective sectors. Because most of our teachers are not exclusively dedicated to teaching, but are professionals who place their up-to-date knowledge at the disposal of our students.

In other words, our students are taught about the latest business trends by professionals who are currently applying these developments. As BEBS classes are taught in small groups, students end up receiving almost one-on-one mentoring with entrepreneurs and executives who are currently familiar with the international business ecosystem, especially in Barcelona.

Company visits and internships

If you are a student on one of our On Campus programs, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the largest and most important companies established in Catalonia, and learn first-hand about their history and day-to-day life. Amazon, HP, Estrella Damm and Inditex are some of the companies that students will visit.

And to make the experience more tangible, BEBS students can carry out internships in different companies while doing the master’s degree. In this way, they will be able to directly apply the knowledge learned during the course in a professional environment, get to know the Spanish business ecosystem better and gain experience that can be included on their CV.

Are you ready to study at BEBS? Are you ready to live a unique experience in Barcelona?  Take a look at the different programs on our website. And don’t hesitate to ask our Student Advisors for more information; they will help you with all your questions.

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BEBS and Barcelona, the best choice

BEBS and Barcelona, the best choice

BEBS and Barcelona, the best choice
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